Healthy Aging

Seniors Should Tackle Tough Tasks in the Morning

Morning sunrise by a lakeGetting your hardest jobs out of the way in the morning seems like an extension of the old adage “early to bed, early to rise.” It’s good advice, according to a new study published in Psychology and Aging.



5 Benefits for Seniors Owning Pets

happy-adult-woman-with-dogAfter the children have left the nest and in the years following retirement, the benefits of seniors owning pets become much more clear. Numerous studies are purporting the various mental, emotional and overall health benefits of owning a pet. 


5 Winter Wellness Tips for Massachusetts Seniors

Stacked-WoodMassachusetts winters can be brutal – even without strange weather events like polar vortexes to add degrees of complexity. According to, the majority of winter forecasts are predicting a cold and snowy winter in the eastern sections of the country.


Foods That Stimulate Brain Health

Fruits and VegetablesDiet plays a big role in brain health. Much like your muscles need the proper amounts and types of protein to stay strong, your brain needs the right mix of nutrients to function at optimal levels. The right foods improve your brainpower and reduce your chances of developing dementia.


7 Energy Boosters for Burned Out Caregivers

senior couple running through fieldAccording to the Caregiver Action Network, more than 65 million Americans devote an average of 20 hours each week (13 percent of whom provide 40 or more hours) to providing free primary care for an adult relative or loved one.

Unfortunately, these selfless acts of caring for others can come at a high price, with 40 to 70 percent of family caregivers showing “significant symptoms of depression” and between 25 and 50 percent meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression. That doesn’t even include the physical toll caring for another adult takes on the body as well.